Please be aware that in 99% of cases, we must see the computer in person to give you an accurate estimate or quote.

Our minimum counter diagnostic is $40 (includes fee for onsite visit) , but this fee is waived if a repair is done after diagnostics are completed.We charge a flat rate for the majority of repairs we do, with some variations for complexity. We base this rate on the amount of time, effort, and skill that will need to be applied in the course of the repair, bearing in mind that we often work on multiple repairs simultaneously. Hourly fees are usually only applied to remote support and one-on-one consultations.The list below gives a rough guide to our most common repairs, but please be aware that these rates may fluctuate if you have a particularly complicated issue (or a particularly complicated computer). We will inform you of these possibilities in advance of creating your work order.

Fixed Prices:

Hard Drive Replacement
(Price of parts not included) Labor on physical swap of drive only
OS Reinstall will be necessary
Data can be moved
Upgrade hard drive
Computer setup included
Replacement Parts
(Price of parts not included) Parts replacements
Replace power supply
Replace ram
Replace graphics card
Replace fans
and more
(Price per hour) Remote assistance support
Extended support
Via Phone
Via Remote Assistance via internet
Available 24/7
15 minute increments
No Minimum
Virus/Malware removal
Price varies depending on severity of infection/issues
Install Antivirus
Remove all virus's
Remove all malicious infections
Tune Up included
Reinstall OS/transfer data
Depends on OS (macOS, Windows 10 are cheaper), and whether data is being moved
Complete transfer of all files
Complete clone of previous hard drive
Computer inspection


Onsite Repair:

Rush Service Fee
Have your repair fixed faster
Paid in advance
Move your job to the front of the queue
Get priority status
Onsite Service Call
(Price per hour) $40 Fee is waved if repair is conducted
Usually within a couple hours of your call
Book appointments online
Price may vary depending on issue
Onsite Service Call
(Price after first hour)
Price after the first hour
No hidden fees
Price may vary

Business IT Support: